Saturday, February 28, 2015

Gathering of the Guilds

Today was the Gathering of the Guilds in Harrisburg, PA. It's a wonderful mix of all types of handy crafts with beautiful finished art pieces. There are wheat weavers, all sorts of neddle crafts, spinning, weaving and much more.

I enjoy going not just for the the people and friends, but the guilds them selves give you good deals on there products. I was able to get a whole bag full of items for under thirty bucks. I got a second book on macrame, several patterns, five magazines, two bags full of yarn and thread, plus one of those bags is all wool and I got a new tote bag. So we really had a good time and I'm looking forward to next year.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Pin Loom Weaving

I finished reading Margaret Stumps book. This is the one I was talking about yestetday. I was correct in what I had said, but it is a very good book. If you are looking for a book on how to make your woven squares more artistically art them selves. Via color, texture, pattern or perhaps a combination. Then this is not the book for you.

This book does have instructions to weave a basic square or what she calls weavies (that covers all shapes made with pin looms). There are seven pattern weaves given and crochet instructions. Which get used in tge finishing and sometimes joining of the weavies. She also gives four joining techniques and suggest that if you need to block use steam. Which she givesb directions on how to do that as well. The houndstooth pattern I was talking about, she does give directions on how to do it. For me those directions are gard to follow I need to see what she is saying. What she haf written and how my mind was translating it weren't the same.

The rest of the book is projects andvthst is why you want the book. All the projects are fun and easy to do, plus she incurregise you to go beyond what she has done. To use the book as a starting point and make what she has done your own.

So I would say get the 100 pin loom squares for great squares and get pin loom weaving for the amazing projects.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

New Books

I got a couple of new book's yesterday. The first one is Pin Loom Weaving: 40 projects for tiny hand looms by Margaret Stump. The second is bran new and was just released, 100 Pin Loom Squares: 100 exciting color combinations to try, plus 15 stylish projects by Florencia Campos Correa.

I haven't had a chance to read they from cover to cover. Yet if all I would have purchased was the first book. I would have been bit disappointed. The projects are amazing and you can get some great ideas from them. What was disappointing was the little amount of information on the squares them selves. It is possible I can stand corrected after I read it but I'm not a hundred percent on that.

The second book has all the different squares and the color combinations to go with them. It even gives you instructions on how to make a hounds tooth square. The first book has a project with a hounds tooth pattern. Except there is only a small block on the subject of creating the square.

My personal opinion is that bith books are essential to have. The first one for the projects and the second on how to create the squares. Than you would set too go and be able to create anything. Now before I go as I said before I have to read them and when I do, if I found I was worng I will apologize and post my findings.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Lace Pillow

After about a week of being sick I was able to work on covering for it. I had some cotton navy blue material that I cut a quarter inch larger all around for a seam allowance. After sewing all the sides to the tops. I sewed a piece of felt to the bottom square.

To assembly I put a piece of felt on the top. Then put the cover with the sides wrong side down. Held it in place while I pulled the sides down. I then turned it over and turned the bottoms in side out. Now all I have to do is sew the bottoms in place.

The pillow is now extremely tight fitting and having it completely covered lets me use either side.

One other thing, I started working on a bag for the pin looms. It will take me a couple of week's to finish.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Lace Days 2015

Today I got to go to Lost Art Lacers, lace days. The years past they have been held in Lafayette NJ. This year they moved the location to Newton NJ. Actually it was a much larger room. Below you will find picrures of some of the pieces that the members have done. From tatting to bobbin lace and there mite be some neddle and knitted lace in there too.

I had a lot of fun as I always do. I of course did some purchasing. That was the whole point of me being there and of course see old friends. Which I did as well.

I wasn't going to but I changed my mind and picked up more bobbins. 50 to be exact and the kind I get are a dollar a piece. That is the normal price for the bobbins abd is the cheapest as well. Anyway as I walked around I found more bobbins counted in bags. I would guess about 2 dozen per bag and they where marked $6.00. I asked if that was $6.00 per bobbin (which is possible) or per bag. It was per bag so of course I bought all the ones she had that where the kind I use. Six bags in total, I haven't counted all of them yet so I'm estimating I got an extra 100 bobbins for $30.00. Sweet! I'm currently working on making the holder's for them. I finish them up after work.

I did get some more items such as a bobbin winder, a pillow stand, the book Pillow or Bobbin Lace Technique, Patterns, History. I also got a new pillow, it's a block pillow which is some thing I was thinking of making. It's a kit so I have to cover the blocks. I also picked up some more thread as well. Pictures of all are below. Something cool is the one thread I got is 100/2 I was told you can't gey that in this country. Well I got it, so it will be neat to work with.

The Metropolitan chapter is the guild that I first went to and started my lace obsession. I was only ever to two lace days there. There supplier went out of business and they where going to stop having lace days. I found out thay they still have them on the first weekend in November. Guess where I'm going the first weekend in November.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Pin Loom Samples

As I said in my last post I started playing with the looms as soon as I got them. I had some cotton ombré yarn and as you will see in a moment there are some striking possabilities with this type of yarn.

I used a pastel rainbow yarn, the kind you see baby blankets made from. Depending on which loom you use and how the yarn is dyed your colors can line up or mix thru out. Defently when I have more time I will explore this area.

I have the pictures devided in sections of all the 2" pieces. Then the 4", 6", & 8" pieces. I did it this way so you can see the potential with just arranging the pieces around abd fitting them in like a puzzle. I plan on making many things with these looms so as I do I will show you the results.

Please enjoy the pics and leave ma a note if you like.

Pin Looms

I got my pin looms Wednesday night and started playing with them immediately. I finished up making samples last night.

I will say if you have any interest in pin looms, I strongly suggest you consider Blue Butterfly Originals. These looms are solidly made, mine are made of cherry wood. They are made the same way as the original Weave - It looms. The initial starting point has four pins on either side of the loom. Then three pins and a space, that continues around the loom. All the looms work the same, it doesn't matter the size or shape.

Since I had enough left from my tax rebate I was able to purchase one of each size. This may seem like a lot, yet this gices me unlimited possibilities. The looms I purchased are 2"-2", 4"-4", 6"-6" & 8"-8" that is a that is offered for the square looms. I also picked up theses as well. A 2"-4", 2"-6", 2"8", 4"-6", 4"-8" & 6"-8".

Below you will see pictures of the looms. If you have a chance let me know what you think.