Thursday, July 7, 2011

Comstock Ferre


Please don’t yell at me, I know that this post is a little late. Ok, ok a whole month late, but its better late then never. On June P6050009fifth Ed and I had the pleasure of being in Wethersfield, Connecticut at the Comstock Ferre Seed Company. For there 200th anniversary, if that wasn’t enough they are also the oldest Heirloom Seed company. The company is located on main street in historic downtown Wethersfield. It’s really cool walking down the street and seeing that all the buildings are 200 hundred or more years old. For me that is over the top, being able to step back in time for a bit is a lot of fun.  P6050010

The festivities started at 10am and lasted until about 7pm. We didn’t stay that long but very close. Since we got there early we where able to walk around town and walk past there community gardens. I believe the gardens are run by the city, since Connecticut doesn't have counties and the gardens are behind the fire station.







From these two pictures you can see they have a large expanse of land at there P6050012disposal and I didn’t see any empty plots while we where walking  around.






By the time we where done with are walk the festival was starting. They had re-enactors and a cannon that they shot off every once in awhile, live music, the store was open of course you could buy seeds and plants, P6050013there where local business selling food and speakers through out the day. All in all it was a wonderful celebration and a great learning experience for us. We are certainly glad we made the trip up there. Below are some more picture through out the day please enjoy them.




P6050018  The gentleman in this picture is the owner Jerry Gettle.