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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Philly Flower Show

Sunday was a trip to Philadelphia for the Flower Show. An annual trip that was missed the last two years. Those years we where in New York for the Restaurant Show.

This years theme was ARTiculture, they took famous art and not so famous art and made it into living art with flowers. I will admit I don’t believe that there where as many displays at previous years. Yet the show was wonderful day out. Come to think of it this year was the longest we staid in the flower show itself. We had a wonderful time.

We even got a very cool surprise. If you have ever heard of The Fabulous Beekmen Boys or Beekmen 1802. There are a couple of guys how own a farm in Sharon Springs, New York. They have goats, they make cheese, the have some cookbooks and they have been on TV. They where also on the Amazing Race and won. So we got to meet the boys who where doing a cooking demo and got a signed copy of there desert book. They are as wonderful in person as they are on TV, that was a unexpected and cherished surprise.

With all of that said here are some pic’s of the whole experience.