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Monday, February 24, 2014

Gathering of the Guilds

This past Saturday was the Gathering of the Guilds, in Harrisburg, PA. 411They had about 18 guilds total this year, with demo’s and lectures. You can also sign up for a class you wish. To give you some idea  of what is there where Needle pointers, Lace makers, Quilter's, Basket Makers, Bead and Jewelry Makers, Wheat Weavers, Handweavers, Sewer’s, Fiber Artists, Crocheters and Rug Braiders.

That's a lot of guilds in one place, it makes for a fun day. Not only do you learn a lot you can also purchase some items that the guilds have made. Or kits they have put together, plus a lot of them have free item or discounted books and such.

So if there is a gathering of the guilds in your area or close by to take a road trip, I strongly suggest you go. It’s a great day out and you are helping a group or groups survive and share there craft / art. It’s a win win all the way around.412413414415416417418

Monday, February 3, 2014

Lace Days

This past Saturday was Lace Day’s in Lafayette, NJ. My annual trek to Lost Art Lacers, for there lace day.  You find out very quickly there aren’t that many lacers out there. Hence the name of the guild. One of the venders  that is normally there. Wasn’t this year, he sold all hand made items. That he made himself, that was a disappointment. The rest of the show was wonderful as always.

I got my self a new book on how to make lace flowers. You make each petal or leaf separately. Then attach them with florist tape. You have a wire gimp that lets you shape the leaves and petals. You also use a stiffener on each piece as well, this gives it stability. I haven’t made any yet but will soon.

I also picked up some linen thread and a pricker. Since I actually don’t have one I have been using a larger quilling needle to do the pricking. The day was a fun and full day, I look forward to next years event.