Tuesday, November 13, 2012


I was at an auction on Saturday, which had your typical house hold goods. Some furniture, lots of books, china, house hold items, tools and the like. Going through a coupe of the boxes on one of the tables I found some cool stuff. So when they got to that table I bid and got 2 boxes for three dollars a box. So what was so cool in those boxes you may be asking. I will allow you one guess so take a chance and think about it before you scroll down.



How's it going, do you got an answer yet?



Ok ready for the answer (you may be saying, God this better be good the suspense is killing me).



The first box was filled with craft books from 1946 and earlier. From tatting to crochet, knitting, weaving, sewing, mixed media and I even got 2 women's day magazines as well. A very large amount of wealth for three dollars and the really cool thing is out of this box I now have a Jiffy Loom and Weave – It book. I have PDF copies of both but I never thought I would own an original.

The second box is cool just not as old. That one is filled with mixed media, crochet, fashion and the lot form the 80’s. like I said cool not as exciting as the first box, but still a wealth of knowledge and one of the crochet magazine I used to get from that time period.

So below you will find a photo album with pics of the books and magazine for you to look at. Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rooster 2

I have completed the first quarter of the rooster including all the detailing. I wasn’t sure if I should finish all the cross stitching first and tPB130003hen go back to do the backstitching or just do it all at one time. I choose the one time method I figured it wouldn’t hurt and it made more sense to me to do it all at once. So now I have three quarters to go, I will post a picture when I get the cross stitching done.