Friday, April 27, 2012

Lehigh Valley Style

Lehigh Valley Style is a local magazine, the cool think is that Ed and I are in it. Sustainable Country Gentlemen llc is featured in thimage0e life in the valley section of the magazine. The article is very well written and I would like to give them a big thanks for having us in there magazine. The picture is a scan of the article .

Sunday, April 22, 2012


Yesterday I had the privilege to attend Party with P4210077the Planet at the Lehigh Valley Zoo. I attended this event as a demonstrator,  for the first time I got to demonstrate only the fiber arts. Normally when I do a demonstration I do it along side us selling produce. This time it was all about The House of Bickert (bik – AIR) with the fiber side of things.
As a child growing up I had visited the zoo, but then it was called The Trexler Game Preserve. They had monkeys, some wild cats, farm animals and birds of prey. It was a neat place to visit for a child of 4 or 5. I had gone back as an adult when I was married. The area where they had the monkeys was there but no monkeys. Every thing else was pretty much the same as I remembered. This time not only was the name changed so was the zoo itself.
They had me setup right has you walked in the front gate. So as you entered the zoo P4210081 you where greeted by one of the zoos residence and me on the other side. The day was filled with allot of inquisitive minds not just asking questions but also knowing what I was doing and asking questions to confirm  what they have learned in school. I had taken with me my big loom (aka table loom), lace pillow, inkle loom, drop spindle, Chakra, braiding looms and some pieces I had done, some of them where ribbon winners from the Allentown Fair. Every one that had stopped by was very interested in what I was doing P4210080-001and as I said above they asked intelligent  questions.
I was also impressed in the zoo itself, that for a small zoo they have a diverse amount of animals. The list includes penguins, wolfs, owls, eagles, falcons, hawks, palomino horses, camels, wild cats, kangaroos, otters and much more. Ed and I are planning on going back to the zoo when we are able to spend more time there. All in all in was a wonderful day and both Ed and I had a lot of fun. Please look at the photo album below for more pics from the day.