Friday, March 30, 2012

What’s New?

I apologize for not getting to blog sooner. I have being trying to blog for a while got sick and then got real busy. So I’m able to blog today. the last couple of months have been busy I was able to get to a lace days, gathering of the guilds, the New York restaurant show and I’m working on a new project.

The first weekend in February was lace daysP2120001 at Lost Art Lacers, while I was there I picked up a few things. A new lace making book, more bobbins of course (you can never have to many bobbins), a spool holder, a lace holder (this is used for long pieces of lace so it doesn't get dirty) and a bolster pillow. For any one that knows about bobbin lace, those people know how pricy a lace pillow can be.  While I was walking around I saw a round bolster pillow at a good price. I continued to walk around and get my other goodies.

Before I go any further let me explain what type of pillow this is. The pillow is 18” round in the center there is a rectangle cut out, what is placed in that rectangle is a tube pillow. It is this tube that you make the lace on. This type of pillow lets you make very long pieces of lace, since you can just turn the tube and continue make the lace until you have the length you want.

This pillow was used so right there the price should be reasonable. The pillow was also created with a patriotic theme (flag, red, white and blue fabric was used to make the pillow). It was a whole set It came with a pin cushion, bobbins, pricking cover and dust cover. I picked this pillow up for $40.00, to those of you un-familiar with bobbin lace equipment price, I’m sure your saying that not a bad price. You would be correct and that is why I bought it. What we have yet to discover was, what is was the original price.

When I got home I of course was examining my treasures I found at lace days. When I got to the pillow I took out the bolster and in side was the original price. I will give you a moment to come up with a guess.

the original price was


So all in all that made for a wonderful day.


The next trip we took was to the Gathering of the Guilds in Harrisburg. As the name implies about two dozen different guilds came togP2250044ether in one place. There where weavers, spinners, beaders, basket makers, wheat weavers, lace maker, embroiders, polymer clay crafters and quilters. This was a really cool show, you got to see some amazing pieces of work and they had seminars throughout the day. I was able to pick up something for myself. About ten years ago a friend taught me some basic wheat weaving. While I was at this show I was able to pick up a book and since the author was there she signed it for me. One of the embroidery guilds was handing out little counted cross stitch kits for free. They where complimentary from DMC so I picked up one of them as well. Again another good day.

The New York Restaurant Show which of course is in New York City. I personally have been to a couple of theses shows back when I was in school. They are a lot of fun and you literally eat your way through them. this was actually a couple of weeks ago and we got so much info that we haven’t had time to go thru it all. we did pick up a lot of information for products to sell at the markets so we shall see what comes from that.

The last thing I have to talk about is a new project Ed and I are working on. We have been given the opportunity to rent some space in Coopersburg, PA. This space is going to be used for a year round farmers market, we are currently in the incubation period and are working on having the market open in the middle of May. So keep checking back for more info on that.

So I have been busy just not able to blog. I will try to work on that.