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Saturday, March 18, 2017


I just wanted to give every body a quick update. I have all of my seeds for this year, finally. They took a bit to get here. But in the end they all arrived safe and sound.

I purchased all heirloom as I always do. I also got the usual suspects of seeds int= the veggie department. I also picked up some dying corn's, blood butcher, Hopi blue and glass popcorn. I saw the glass ones last year but I wasn't able to get my hands on any. I also got my hands on some coffee beans to plant and a dragon palm ( more about that in a minute). I also wanted to get my self cotton again. I wanted to try the green and brown varieties. I had both before but I screwed up and planted them directly out in the yard. They took to long to germinate and never matured in enough time. So this year I'm going to start them all inside and they should do much better. The final seed's I picked up are flower seed for cutting, but I also picked up some decorative  or ornamental grasses as well. To add some interest into the arrangements.

The dragon palm (also known as Dragon Blood Palm) is the producer of the resin Dragons Blood. The resin is used in medicine, incense and spiritual work. The legend goes as the last dragon was slain his blood spilled over the land. Since dragons blood is toxic it called everything it touched and let the land desolate. Some years later in the center of this desolate land something appeared to grow. As it grew it became a palm tree. This palm tree when it bloomed had the most fragrant sent coming from it's petals. As the tree matured a very fragrant resin appeared on the tree. It was believed that this resin was what once was the blood of a dragon. It is a highly prized and beautiful herbs with it's deep red color.

So we actually only have a couple of day's until the first day of spring. Then finally we can see some new life with in the area. An warm weather yes, hooray for Spring.

Philadelphia Flower Show

A week ago today Ed and I went to the Holland themed Philadelphia Flower Show. An yes they had a lot of tulips but that wasn't the only thing. To our surprise they had a lot of industrial pieces through out the displays. They also had a lot of vegetable gardens incorporated in there displays as well. Pus bicycles were also a large piece in this years accent's. I realize I am late with post my trip. But I was a bit busy this week so I really didn't have a chance until now.

I typically post all the pictures that I took. There are well over two hundred so with out an album it just isn't going to make much sense. With that said I am only going to post a few of the pictures here. This is one of those trips that we haven't made in a couple of years. We are glad we made it to this one.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

New York

This past weekend we went on a little trip into the city. You see Santa brought me a couple of tickets to see Wicked. If you ever get the chance to see it go for it. This was my first venture to a Broadway show and I am glad I did. The show is well worth the experience.

So we didn't have to rush for the bus we decided to stay over. We got our selves a room at The fabulous Roosevelt Hotel in Mid-town. The best part of where the hotel is situated, you are blocks away from everything. The cathedral and Rockefeller Center are just down the street. As is Grand Central Station. Time Square is a bit further but no horrible of a walk. Then you can also make your way up to Central Park. All is in walking distance.

This was a wonderful and well deserved trip. Something that we don't get to do for our selves. So we are very glad we did this and had an amazing time doing so.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Vision Board

Well it has been a while. So I decided that the first project of the year is  Vision Board. I plan on using it exactly what it is intended for. The cool thing about this project I had 90% of everything. I only had to get a couple of items to complete this board.

For this project I used foam cord board. It was something I had from another project that never got used. I started by covering it with batting. To make life easier I used spray glue to attach it. This makes every thing run more smoothly.

I decided to add herbs to the board. I used a mix of rosemary, lavender, cinnamon and ginger. I sprinkled them on top of the batting. Then covered it with the fabric before I flipped it over to secure the fabric to the wrong side.

Then I secured the fabric with glue. My reason for this is simple. I attached the ribbon by staples. So I felt it made more sense to glue then staple. Than to staple everything and it worked out quite nicely.

After I attached the ribbons I wanted to secure them where they crossed each other. i used fasteners to do this. I first poked holes just under where the ribbons crossed. Then attached the fasteners. This actually makes the board look nicely quilted.

After That all that was left is to cover the back. I like having a finished look. So that is why I fabric'd the back. But you certainly don't need to if you don't want to.

So this is the finished product. I had a lot of fun with this project and can't wait until my next one.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year!!!!!!!!

I would like to wish Everyone a Happy New Year!!!!!!!

With all the difficulties of last year. Actually at the end we made out alright with some head way. Which mean it gives me some room to work on projects and get some blogging done. Actually to have the ability to blog because I will have things to blog about.

With all of that said we have entered a time of new possibilities and opportunities. It is then up to us, how we choose to deal or handle them. We are the ones to make our future great and in the end we are the ones that need to live with our decision, no one else. So let us make the right decisions for ourselves and no one else.

May your New Year be filled with health, happiness, possibilities and prosperity. Let no one stop you from uptaining your happiness. Many Blessing to you all.

Saturday, December 31, 2016


Before the New Year arrives I did want to share some books that Santa brought me. I actually got many books but these seem the most relevant here. The cook book is in an attempt to eat healthier. We have a Japanese friend who has cooked for us and the food is very healthy. So I am going to try and do that here for us. I would also like to incorporate the Mediterranean diet as well.

The book on Hex signs is a bit of a passion. I have always been intrigued by them and had did some research on how to make them. So this book is very easy t follow and perhaps I will be making some in the near future. We will have to see.

The last two are books on straw craft or also known as corn dollies. I do have a book on the subject but I wanted to learn more and that's what these books will help me do. I would like t have available some finished pieces. That is a goal for the new year.

So at any rate I have some reading to do in the New Year to hone my skill and become a better person. Again see you all in the New Year.

The end f a ........

Hello everyone I t has been a while since I have been in my Blog. I tried very hard to post at least once a week. To keep everyone up to date with what I have been doing. This year has been very difficult to the point that not only did we not have money in part of it. We lost our internet and even though I went to the library I wasn't able to up load pictures. I became frustrated and just decided to give that up, not for any other reason then my own frustration of every thing going on.

So actually in September Ed had gotten a full time job and a decent wage. Then in October He had gotten a second job that he was the manager. I too worked there and our money where saved for projects. ED's money is all going to the farm project and mine is going for crafty crafts. S in the small amount of time we worked (only seven weeks) we actually collected a nice chunk of change. So at least we have some money to jump start are dreams.

So the year in it's self was a very hard one. Not being able to do a lot and the stress and frustration of not getting anywhere is very difficult. I wish it on no one, s I am very glad that we are at New Years Eve. I need new energy and that is exactly what the New Year bring's us. So with that up date I will see you all next year.