Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The End of 2014

Well this hasn't been the most productive year for me. I tried to get a lot accomplished and things just got in the way. Any way enough about what I didn’t get done. Santa was very gracious this year with a lot of books. I got several books on weaving, a book on bobbin lace, a quilters stitch book, Ashley’s Big Book of Knots and several others that I can’t remember all the types.

I’m lucky for getting all of these because I starting getting them early summer and saving them for Christmas. So in reality I didn’t remember what all I had until I opened it up Christmas morning. Not a present from Christmas morning but I ordered myself a couple of boat shuttles and the bobbins and bobbin winder to go with it. I didn’t purchase one earlier because I’m to cheap. The shuttles, Bobbins and Winder are costing me about $200.00. Know you see why I’m to cheap, then I realized if I want to be better at what I do I need the correct tools. Talking with Ed he agreed with my and as long as we have the money the investment is more then appropriate.

So this year was not what I had hoped, there is always next year.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Philly Flower Show

Sunday was a trip to Philadelphia for the Flower Show. An annual trip that was missed the last two years. Those years we where in New York for the Restaurant Show.

This years theme was ARTiculture, they took famous art and not so famous art and made it into living art with flowers. I will admit I don’t believe that there where as many displays at previous years. Yet the show was wonderful day out. Come to think of it this year was the longest we staid in the flower show itself. We had a wonderful time.

We even got a very cool surprise. If you have ever heard of The Fabulous Beekmen Boys or Beekmen 1802. There are a couple of guys how own a farm in Sharon Springs, New York. They have goats, they make cheese, the have some cookbooks and they have been on TV. They where also on the Amazing Race and won. So we got to meet the boys who where doing a cooking demo and got a signed copy of there desert book. They are as wonderful in person as they are on TV, that was a unexpected and cherished surprise.

With all of that said here are some pic’s of the whole experience.


Monday, February 24, 2014

Gathering of the Guilds

This past Saturday was the Gathering of the Guilds, in Harrisburg, PA. 411They had about 18 guilds total this year, with demo’s and lectures. You can also sign up for a class you wish. To give you some idea  of what is there where Needle pointers, Lace makers, Quilter's, Basket Makers, Bead and Jewelry Makers, Wheat Weavers, Handweavers, Sewer’s, Fiber Artists, Crocheters and Rug Braiders.

That's a lot of guilds in one place, it makes for a fun day. Not only do you learn a lot you can also purchase some items that the guilds have made. Or kits they have put together, plus a lot of them have free item or discounted books and such.

So if there is a gathering of the guilds in your area or close by to take a road trip, I strongly suggest you go. It’s a great day out and you are helping a group or groups survive and share there craft / art. It’s a win win all the way around.412413414415416417418

Monday, February 3, 2014

Lace Days

This past Saturday was Lace Day’s in Lafayette, NJ. My annual trek to Lost Art Lacers, for there lace day.  You find out very quickly there aren’t that many lacers out there. Hence the name of the guild. One of the venders  that is normally there. Wasn’t this year, he sold all hand made items. That he made himself, that was a disappointment. The rest of the show was wonderful as always.

I got my self a new book on how to make lace flowers. You make each petal or leaf separately. Then attach them with florist tape. You have a wire gimp that lets you shape the leaves and petals. You also use a stiffener on each piece as well, this gives it stability. I haven’t made any yet but will soon.

I also picked up some linen thread and a pricker. Since I actually don’t have one I have been using a larger quilling needle to do the pricking. The day was a fun and full day, I look forward to next years event.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

PA Farm Show 2014

Ed and I where able to make the farm show yesterday. Wednesday20140108_151528[1] is my usual day so I can get fleeces and see the sheep to shawl competition. We leave Easton about 9am and stop at Esther's Dinner on the way in for breakfast. We end up at the farm show about noon. This gives us plenty of time to see the show and stay for the fleece auction.

We saw all the animals that where there. Say some poultry that we would like. I even say some kids that where just the cutest little things. but Ed said no, we would have to bottle feed them. I wasn’t seeing a problem with this.

We went to the family living section say all my friends that setup there. They also moved the Christmas trees to the main show floor this year. In that general area wagon, that’s all about wood. They have a display that you need to guess which item doesn't have any wood in it. It was the dollar bill. Which if you did not know is not paper at all. Its fabric, 75% cotton and 25% linen.

We did f20140108_162710[1]inally get to the fleece auction where I got five fleeces. They are something to get on a school bus by the way. All in all we had a wonderful day.