Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Tatting Bag

One of my goals is to make a bag to carry my supplies in for the different things that I do. Such as the tatting bag also a bag for inkle weaving, card weaving,P6110010 knitting and when I get around to making one, a bag for back strap loom. This allows me to keep everything together and show off the technique. Since other then the knitting and tatting bags they will be made with the technique that they are used for. Such as the inkle bag will be made from all inkle woven bands, card weaving bag all the bands will be card woven and so forth. The tatting bag has a tatted trim on the flap and the knitting bag will have a knitted trim.

My main reason for doing this besides the obvious is to get someP6110012 practice with the new technique and the end result is a tangible item that I can use to carry supplies as well as show off some of the different techniques possible  with that type of craft. 

The first picture on the upper right are the the pieces ready to go. The bag and the lining are both interfaced to give them strength and stability. The strap was made in the table loom in inkle style. I don’t really know the answer but I think to call it an inkle band it needs to be made on an inkle loom, other wise it would be just a tape or ribbon. You can’t quote me on it but that just makes sense to me. The final piece is the tatted trim.

The next picture above left is the bag constructed with a view of the inside. this pocket is for holding any books or patterns I may need or are using. It’s large enough to hold a full sheet of paper which is the normal size of a tatting book.

This picture is also of the inside butP6110013 of the front pockets that hold all the notions. The needles, threader, scissors, wax.

With all the supplies on the sides of the bag the bag itself can hold unfinished projects.

The last bag picture is of the outside finished bag it looks good. This is the first bag I designed myself their are some changes I am going to do in future bags. First will be to line the whole inside, another is to only interface the bag P6110011body the flap closer for me doesn't need to be  interfaced or lined. The only other thing is to make sure the strap is long enough I like to carry my bags cross shoulder. Bag on my right side while the strap is over my head and on my left shoulder. That is what is most comfortable for me.

Just to give you a better view of tatting I have a picture of some things I made. Now off to finish my straps for the inkle bag.


17 Weeks

It has been a while since I posted about the chicks and they are doing fine. They have all grown like crazy and loving free ranging.

Some times I have a little left overP4200016 from selling on the weekend or I wish to give them a treat and found out they like. Apples, plums, peaches, cantaloupe, grapes, strawberries, corn, squash, zucchini, eggplant, cucumbers, cabbage, broccoli and red beet greens.

I don’t give all the above to them a lot maybe once or twice a week as a treat. When I was selling produce at the farm they would come over and search for food. Well theyP5110013 would also steal any of the above if I would let them or if I was distracted by one of there buddies. They saw it as an all you can eat buffet and that was not going to happen. Now that I don’t sell at the farm they have to rely on me to give them some treats. And they look for them from time to time.

After I pick Ed up from work in the morning we head up to the farm so we can let the chickens out. They love to hop on to my back or shoulder (when they do that they're a pirate chicken). P5260040Some will let me hold them while others run. They all follow me around and it’s really cool to turn around and have a flock of chickens following you. To also see them in the yard or bushes is cool too.

They still aren’t old enough to lay egg’s and my hope is that they will start to lay this year. If not we will have to wait until spring for the eggs. The time for them to start laying is 20 to 24 weeks which is the end of the month to end of next month. P8100025My thing is are they even going to start this late in the season. I don’t have an answer for that and will have to wait and see.



Below you will find the current pictures of the once now not so little chick’s. They are technquely still chicks and will be that way until they are mature at the 24 week mark. Then they will be pullets and cockerels respectively. Then when they reach there first birthday that’s when they become a hen or rooster. I hope you enjoy the the pics.



P8100028  P8100030