Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The End of 2014

Well this hasn't been the most productive year for me. I tried to get a lot accomplished and things just got in the way. Any way enough about what I didn’t get done. Santa was very gracious this year with a lot of books. I got several books on weaving, a book on bobbin lace, a quilters stitch book, Ashley’s Big Book of Knots and several others that I can’t remember all the types.

I’m lucky for getting all of these because I starting getting them early summer and saving them for Christmas. So in reality I didn’t remember what all I had until I opened it up Christmas morning. Not a present from Christmas morning but I ordered myself a couple of boat shuttles and the bobbins and bobbin winder to go with it. I didn’t purchase one earlier because I’m to cheap. The shuttles, Bobbins and Winder are costing me about $200.00. Know you see why I’m to cheap, then I realized if I want to be better at what I do I need the correct tools. Talking with Ed he agreed with my and as long as we have the money the investment is more then appropriate.

So this year was not what I had hoped, there is always next year.