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Thursday, January 9, 2014

PA Farm Show 2014

Ed and I where able to make the farm show yesterday. Wednesday20140108_151528[1] is my usual day so I can get fleeces and see the sheep to shawl competition. We leave Easton about 9am and stop at Esther's Dinner on the way in for breakfast. We end up at the farm show about noon. This gives us plenty of time to see the show and stay for the fleece auction.

We saw all the animals that where there. Say some poultry that we would like. I even say some kids that where just the cutest little things. but Ed said no, we would have to bottle feed them. I wasn’t seeing a problem with this.

We went to the family living section say all my friends that setup there. They also moved the Christmas trees to the main show floor this year. In that general area wagon, that’s all about wood. They have a display that you need to guess which item doesn't have any wood in it. It was the dollar bill. Which if you did not know is not paper at all. Its fabric, 75% cotton and 25% linen.

We did f20140108_162710[1]inally get to the fleece auction where I got five fleeces. They are something to get on a school bus by the way. All in all we had a wonderful day.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year 2014

A Happy New Year to everyone!!!!!

th (7)Let me bring you up to speed with what 2013 had been like. The last major post I stated the truck was totaled. From that we got a mini van. Which in six weeks was also totaled. The money we got from that accident we put into the KIa to get that back on the road. and we have been accident free since. (Yes I knocked on wood.)

Since we didn’t have a vehicle for the months of April and May we weren’t able to sell. Which hurt a little since we still had rent on our spot to pay. Ed also got a second part time job. Evenings and weekends so he wasn’t with all the time when we where selling. There for I had the brunt of that this year.

The reason I have not been posting is our computer died. The computer we where given as a temporary, till we can get one we like. Can be very slow and hard to work with. I think we got that under control enough that I can post more.

In the middle of the summer Ed’s brother informed us he was moving out. So as of August first we have had the whole house to our selves. YEEEEEEES!!!!!!!! Sorry it’s nice having the whole house. As I said yesterday my studio is one room.  This house has a sun porch which of course means the whole one wall is windows. With that said the room is flooded with natural light perfect for a studio. The room is large enough to hold all my equipment, the only exception is my dying supplies, I left them up stairs in the second kitchen. I’m able to keep all my dying equipment totally separate and on a second level.

A new piece for my studio is a ridged heddle loom. This is the original Schacht loom that they don’t make any more. It came with a eight end per inch heddle. I am able to get the other heddles, which is a goal for this year.

We are working on the rest of the house little by little. We painted the living room and dinning room. Got furniture for the living room, a vintage 40’s – 50’s porcelain toped table for the kitchen, this table has wooden legs and a draw in the front for you silver ware  and to leaves that slid under the main top. It’s a cool piece that works very well for us. It also came with its four original chairs.

I think that brings you up to speed with everything. If I forgot anything I’ll let you know.