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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

PVC Loom the project

Last week got a little busy for me, so I wasn’t able to finish the project I started on the inkle loom until this week. I was able to get the rest of the band woven last night. I tried to do the pattern that was in the magazine but that wasn’t working out right. So I figured it would be best to just weave the band in normal fashion, instead of trying to use a pick up stick for the first time out.

After I warped the loom I did notice a little bow in it. What I did was loosen the tension and that corrected the problem without making it to loose to weave. The other problem I had was attaching the heddles, I didn’t understand the directions but I figured that out too.

After I got it all set up weaving went real easy and quick for me. I was weaving on my bed so the loom wasn’t slipping around on me. If you do you a table or hard wood floor I would take caution that the loom doesn’t scratch the surface. So a recommendation would be just to put a towel under the loom, this should help with slipping and it will protect the surface of the table or floor.

I did loosen the loom to advance the band forward and retightened when I had it in the correct spot. I was amazed how the tension stayed for me throughout the weaving; I had no loose threads or really tight ones. As I’m typing I realized part that is from the continues warp, if not all of it.

I do recommend this project (the making of the PVC loom) if you have never inkle woven before or have a son or daughter that would like to weave. This would be a fun project for them and they get to say they made the loom them selves. I am going to try the loom out with a card weaving project as soon as I get a chance. Perhaps in my free time, wait a minute what free time!!!!!!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Plam Weaving

Something that I have been doing for the past several years is palm weaving. That is when you take a palm crown and weave it in to a display. (see picture to the right, of the palm crown not the very hammy kitty cat) I am told that this weaving is an Italian tradition that is only done for Palm Sunday. The different weaves have meaning to them, such as nails, the crown of thorns and the beating that Jesus received before he was crucified.

This year I got to make a display to place on the altar at my church. Which is a cool honor so what I did was I got three palm crowns. Just in case I didn’t like the first one I could make a second or if need be third piece. It turned out that I made two pieces for the church and I had enough left to make some pieces for the cemetery.

During the Pastors sermon she was pointing out all the gifts that were displayed in the church and giving credit to the person or persons that made them. The point of doing this was to show how much God given talent we all have and not to let anyone stop us from using those talents especially our selves. So she finally got to the palm pieces, [which I had hoped she was going to forget (I’m to humble to take credit) alas she did not forget about the palm pieces].

She begins by holding up a palm cross that she had made and is telling everyone how taken a back she was when she saw the palm pieces. At how elaborate and beautiful they were. Then she proceeds to say (to embarrass me of course) “Who needs the little old Italian women of south Philly when we have Chuck.” The sanctuary was in roar with clapping and whistling and praises of thanks.
So I sure hope the little old Italian women of south Philly don’t find out.