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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Lace Days 2013

In the midst of the accident I was able to take a few hours and go to lace days in Lafayette NJ. P2120001I’m able to make that one before we head to work in the afternoon. I always have a good time and see friends I only get to see once a year.

This year I picked up a book on lace for worship (which goes well with my weaving for worship book). I lost one of my tools so I replaced it, I also got a riser for my pillow. The last thing I got really isn’t lace making per say, but you could use it to make some gimp threads. It’s a Lucet, I’ve seen these before I just wasn't sure its purpose. Well it make a square cord, so in reality you could make your own gimp cord if you like.

Unfortunately there wasn't a bargain on a pillow this year. May I get one next year, we’ll see.

2013-02-02 09.58.30

2013-02-02 09.59.05 

2013-02-02 09.59.26


Just to give everyone a quick update on what has been happening here. Our truck, which is are only vehicle was rear ended the beginning of this month. So from that time until now we have been working with there insurance company to get paid and get a new vehicle (just so you know you won’t get replacement value). Before I go any further no one was hurt, Ed and I weren't even in the truck at the time it was hit.

So for the money we where given we got are selves a minivan. We realized this was a better option all the way around. There is enough space to load up for flea marketing. We also have four seats total, which gives us the ability to take two other people with, we didn’t have that option with the truck. So in the end it did work out. It was just very stressful for the last couple of weeks. Thank God its over.