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Monday, May 30, 2016

Origami 5/23 & 5/30/2016

Again my apologize last week was very hectic and I just wasn't able to post. Since this week is Memorial Day we took the day off. So I have time to post. There where a couple of birds in the mix, a angel fish, some boats. A whale, a prehistoric flying creature (an no it's not a Pterodactyl). I almost forgot about the party favor and the triangle box. There was a mixed bag in the past two week. I will try my hardest to continue posting every Monday. See you then.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Origami 5/16/2016

I know, I know I'm late and in my defense I wasn't feeling well over the weekend and into Monday. Tuesday and Wednesday we weren't home and when I did get home I was exhausted. So that is why this weeks origami is late, but better late then never. This week was a double heart week. Thee where two hearts and there fun to do but they don't keep there shape. Still they are fun to fold. There is a piggy in the mix and something I haven't made since school. A throwing star, this one takes two pieces of paper to make. So I actually made it between two days. There wasn't a weekend piece so this all I have for the week. Enjoy!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Origami 5/9/2016

My apologizes I forgot to post yesterday. In my defense it was a little hectic and I forgot. These new ones aren't my favorite. There are two different types of butterfly's. A flower, napkin fold and a base for the new week. Like I said not my favorite week, but still fun to make.

Monday, May 2, 2016

Origami 5/1/2016

I'm still tying to wrap my brain around the fact that it's May. This year is almost half way gone, I'm not to happy about that. Enough lamenting, This was Fun for the most part. There was one piece I don't totally care for .Which is unusual since I don't say that very much. There are two different doves, which is what last weekends piece was the base for, the bird base. Then a bunny, sailing boat and the waves to put it on. I really didn't care for the waves, it's just me. Other then that it was a good week of origami.