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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Herb Sale

May 12th was the Herb Society of America Philadelphia Chapters annual herb sale. I was at it two years ago and had a wonderful time. I was not able to get to it last year, but got there this year. It was a gorgeous day that we got to see friends from the last time we where there and of course meet new ones.

The herb sale is held at an art museum and school. So every year the pottery school holds a sale the same day as the herb sale. P5120082I like to see if there’s always next year.they have any flower pots for sale (which they do) to plant one of my new herbs in. How cool is it to purchase a piece of pottery and then be standing next to the artist in line for the sale to start. She was so humbled by us taking a picture her with me, that was just to cool. So thank you Diane for making a beautiful piece for my eucalyptus.      

I have said this before you need to get to this sale early, if not you will be way in the P5120083back of the line. We get there between eight thirty and nine in the morning. By about quarter after nine the line is fifty people long or more and ten o’clock the line is going around the corner. So if you plan on going you should get there early or if you don’t mind standing in the back of the line. You can come on by later.


The sale its self is a decent size, with almost any herb you can think of. I even got soapwort this year (yes). P5120086Many deferent types of lavender, mint, basil, thyme, rosemary, scented geraniums and that's of the top of my head. They also offer a lunch a herb class and flea market area, plus they have antique rose as well. So there is plenty to see and purchase.









This year I only got a few herbs rosemary, eucalyptus, soapwort, comfrey, roman chamomile, cat nip (which Tucker already ate), P5120088lavender and mint – rose scented geranium (I thought it was strictly rose scented, but not bad to say the least). And after about twenty minute to a  half hour you are left with this. Not much left, well there's always next year.