Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 is at a close.......

Wow how quickly the years go anymore. This year has been a challenge for a good part. Don't get me wrong there where good points as well. The moist strain is sharing the house again and it just isn't easy. They are in a financial pickle and have no motivation to change it or feel they can't. Not being able to do all things I or we would like to do is hard and not having the full cooperation of the quests in chores and such. That frustrates me to no end and it is felt they don't need to change their ways in that respect. I will say some things get done by one of the members but the other is stub run and is almost cocky about it. As you can tell that has been a big thorn in my side this year.

On other news we have stopped selling produce at he Blue Ridge Flea Market. Last year we stopped selling mid way through the year. We lost more then money then we made and decided to take the rest of the year off and rethink who to sell there. We reinvented our selves and expanded our product to include more than produce. We even had some flea market items early in the season before produce was available. Again it didn't work to the point it became worse then last year. So we stopped selling mid season and are not going back. That market is not a good market for us anymore.

For some good things, we made some amazing friends. Who we enjoy their company as they do us. Who are very knowledgeable and supportive of our goals. We walk everyday and our destination is a coffee shop in town. Every morning we meet our friends there and start our day with laughs, memories and just good old fun. We enjoy ourselves and plan to continue this though the New Year.

I got a new to this year. I had posted earlier in the year about my ins looms. But later in the year I got a floor loom. A Harrisville four shaft loom. I purchased it used and found it was a great deal at $500.00. I looked it up and found that I got it for less then half of a new one. I had to purchase a manual for the loom, the person that had it also bought it used. So that makes me the third owner of the loom. I took it all apart It was very dirty. Cleaned it with Murphy's Oil Soap then oiled and waxed it. After I took it apart and received the manual I was missing some pieces. I also need to get some new cords for the harnesses and treadles. I put all the cleaned pieces, oiled pieces back together and boy it's a nice piece. I do have a sample piece on it for a friend's project. It works really great and I'm glad I purchased it.

The biggest think this year is I am now selling my hand made items here in Easton. There is a little consignment shop just behind the coffee shop. Literally the same building just in the back, called The Shop Around the Corner. It is a very diverse and amazing shop of wonderful handmade finds. From jewelry, hand woven, knitted, to hand carved, furniture pieces, paintings, photography and everything in between. Also during the summer months on Saturdays while the Farmers Market is going on there is Arts in the Alley. That's when the artists from the shop setup outside and sell there items outside. Because I am now part of that shop I also get to set up on Saturday's next year. Which should be a lot of fun.

This past year has been a up and down type year. As most every year is, when you really think about it. So let us put this year to bed and welcome the infant year and let all our hopes and joys, blessings and miracles, dreams and aspirations. Be with us as we enter the New Year. See you next year. 

Sunday, December 27, 2015

I'm still here.......

After my last post in June. I haven't been able to post because of technical difficulties. I was blogging from may phone, then the keyboard stopped working. I tried to blog from the computer but that didn't work either. I wasn't able to log in to publish my post's. Well that has now changed since I got a new computer for Christmas. So I should be able to blog again. This is just a quick post to let you all now I'm still around and I hope to blog regularly soon.