Saturday, March 18, 2017


I just wanted to give every body a quick update. I have all of my seeds for this year, finally. They took a bit to get here. But in the end they all arrived safe and sound.

I purchased all heirloom as I always do. I also got the usual suspects of seeds int= the veggie department. I also picked up some dying corn's, blood butcher, Hopi blue and glass popcorn. I saw the glass ones last year but I wasn't able to get my hands on any. I also got my hands on some coffee beans to plant and a dragon palm ( more about that in a minute). I also wanted to get my self cotton again. I wanted to try the green and brown varieties. I had both before but I screwed up and planted them directly out in the yard. They took to long to germinate and never matured in enough time. So this year I'm going to start them all inside and they should do much better. The final seed's I picked up are flower seed for cutting, but I also picked up some decorative  or ornamental grasses as well. To add some interest into the arrangements.

The dragon palm (also known as Dragon Blood Palm) is the producer of the resin Dragons Blood. The resin is used in medicine, incense and spiritual work. The legend goes as the last dragon was slain his blood spilled over the land. Since dragons blood is toxic it called everything it touched and let the land desolate. Some years later in the center of this desolate land something appeared to grow. As it grew it became a palm tree. This palm tree when it bloomed had the most fragrant sent coming from it's petals. As the tree matured a very fragrant resin appeared on the tree. It was believed that this resin was what once was the blood of a dragon. It is a highly prized and beautiful herbs with it's deep red color.

So we actually only have a couple of day's until the first day of spring. Then finally we can see some new life with in the area. An warm weather yes, hooray for Spring.

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