Monday, January 1, 2018

Well Happy New Year!!!!!! We made it to a new year. As I said yesterday last year didn't work out as I had hoped. I wanted to do more nut that just wasn't a reality with everything that came in to our path. We do have plans to extend the gardens at the farm. I would love to put espalier trees here at the house. I would also love to but in a wash line (you have no idea how I love to hang wash out to dry). We would also like to start selling from the farm. Not just produce but also my creations as well.

I have personal goals of making sure I am more creative. Taking projects with me so that when there is time I can be working on them. I do need to hash out a decent schedule and stick to it. So these are some goals that I would like to do. I will work on keeping them to the best of my abilities.

On a totally different note I would like to share with all of you a new member to the family. He is five
years old and just a doll. A coworker of Ed's did try to guilt us into taking him. We would not have that. We met him and took him in for a few day's. He liked us and grew attached as we did to him. So Ed has him spoiled which means we can't give him back. No he is a sweet heart who has filled something with in us that we didn't know we missed. So with no further adiue, may I present Chewy Verba Bickert.

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