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Saturday, April 8, 2017

Crystal and Gem Show

I'm not sure if I have mentioned it in the past. But something I have been doing for years is to collect crystal, gems, minerals and the like. Today one of the local Lions club chapters held a crystal, mineral show and we went. Ed has said he has been to it in the past and it was very large when he went. Well this year, it being at a local high school it wasn't as large as past shows. Or at least what he remembers when he went to them.

I actually did very well with finding some fun stuff. I picked up a gem quality opal. I believe it to be a Golden Opal, it is very pretty and caught my eye. I also got an Irradiate quartz, Shiva Lingham (I have seen them in the past and found them to be pricey). An a Apache Tear, Prenite, two Tremolites (not sure why two), Bismuth, Pyrite.

I also picked up a grab bag, in traditional grab bag fashion you have no idea what you are getting. I think I did really well with this bag. I got two Amethysts, the one is regular and the other is specked with Red Hematite. I also got some Calcite, a bag of tumbled stone and some Sand Selinite.

All in all I think I did really well with every thing and had a wonderful time. I enjoy going to those types of events. So when they come up I try to go if at all possible.

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