Wednesday, January 9, 2019

It has been a couple of years but I finally got to go back to the PA Farm Show. As part of my normal routine I of course went on sheep to shawl day. This year there was a lot of blue for one reason or another. I actually didn't stay for the awards ceremony. I wasn't staying for the auction so I decided to head out before the big crowds left.

Besides the wonderful shawls they changed some things around on me. They added a calfing arena and moved the bunnies in with the fowl. They didn't have the duckling slid this year. The goats and sheep came in late and they redid the goat barn.

They also changed the main hall around a bit. They added some new areas that at one time were part of a large area or just didn't exist. I never new that there was a cheese guild in PA. Some of the buy local was in several places. In same areas it worked out really well. The rest was just a bit confusing for us, just because it became new.

We did get to see the horses get hooked up to wagon. Something I have never seen before and very impressive, plus a lot of work. The goats and sheep seemed to like the attention as well. All in all it was a really fun time with new experiences.

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